TELL US: What is Deciding Your Vote for Congress?

There are many issues in the 6th District congressional race. Which one is the big factor for you?

The election is less than two weeks away. In the Massachusetts Sixth District, voters will decide who their next congressman will be.

Incumbent Democrat John Tierney is in an intense race against Republican challenger Richard Tisei and Libertarian Daniel Fishman.

The campaign has gained national attention. Legal drama involving Tierney's inlaws, Tierney campaign talk of Tisei having radical right-wing connections, and the emergence of Fishman's outside-the-box third party effort have made the race eventful, to say the least.

All this, in the midst of a federal budget crisis, Medicare, student loans, abortion, high unemployment and more.

We want to know what issue is the biggest deciding factor in your vote in the 6th District race.

Discuss in the comments below.

Tricia November 05, 2012 at 04:34 AM
If you say "yes" to any of the following, you should vote for a Republican (1) Do you like pollution? (2) Do you want to gut our natural resources? (3) Do you like war? (4) Do you believe in Creationism? (5) Do you want to restrict stem cell science research designed to help cure diseases? (6) Are you against equal pay for women? (7) Are you against abortion even in the case of rape? (8) Do you like to discriminate against LGBT? (9) Do you support Romney and the like to hoard the Global Wealth off-shore? My idea of a representative is someone who will work in the best interest of the citizenry and future generations not someone interested in maximizing their own party's GREED! Do yourself a favor and vote for ALL THE DEMOCRATS!!!


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