Libertarian Daniel Fishman Announces Senate Run

Beverly resident Daniel Fishman to attempt U.S. Senate bid.

Libertarian Daniel Fishman announced Monday evening that he will attempt to get on the ballot for U.S. Senate in this June's special election.

Fishman, a Beverly resident, garnered .

"The thing I became most aware of on the campaign trail is that there is a large group of citizens in Massachusetts who are not being represented by the Democratic machine, which elects favorite sons time after time," Fishman said in a release. "Nor are they represented by the Republican party which is tied to a national platform a social tolerance policy from 1950."

Fishman announced his senate bid 'in a private conversation with a few close supporters,' the release said. The campaign website has been launched at www.fishmanforsenate.com.

"I am the most fiscally conservative and the most socially tolerant candidate in the race," he said. "There is an understanding in Massachusetts that Government has become a tool of corporations to protect them.  So called "regulations" on corporations often serve to protect corporate interests from the power of the people.  The Federal government bailed out the banks, limited BP's liability and wasted half a billion dollars trying to force the people to accept the government's choice for a Solar implementation.  The government is not protecting the people from corporations -- usually the opposite is true."

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Michael February 05, 2013 at 04:20 PM
If you couldn't beat a crook like John Tierney, you don't stand a chance against Marley or Lynch.
Brad W. Cooper February 11, 2013 at 03:14 PM
First off the system is rigged! Daniel Fishman from what is a great guy. He is perfect for the job. The problem is people like you who are afraid of voting for someone like him since he is does not have an R or D next to his name. You and everyone else are to afraid to vote for someone who is a 3rd party. You and everyone else who did not vote for Daniel Fishman got hooked into what the GOP and DEM have been doing for years. Making sure people are scared to vote for a 3rd party. They tell you everyday voting for a 3rd party is a wasted vote. Voting 3rd party is going to harm the Republicans or Democrats. Voting 3rd party is just a plain stupid vote. Then you go along with what they have to say. See we are in financial crises in America yet we keep picking these guys from the GOP and DEM who do nothing at all, but screw us all. Then a like Daniel Fishman comes along and DAM we have someone who is great but sorry can't vote for you because you are not a Republican or Democrat sorry or if I vote for you and am a Republican or Democrat then it will take votes away from one of them. So instead of making excuses on why he could not win. If you like the guy then vote for him and promote him in your local community. That is the way to do things.


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