Beverly Native Mazzaglia Has Passion For Hair (And Lack Of!)

Rejuvenate Hair Loss Recovery Laser Therapy Clinic is located at the Cummings Center.

Lifelong Beverly resident Amanda Mazzaglia knows how devastating hair loss can be. 

When she began noticing clumps of her hair falling out at an alarming rate, she said "medical doctors, dermatologists, endocrinologists, all presented various forms of hopelessness that sent me into a depression."

But after six years of research and finding a successful treatment, Mazzaglia is now bringing her expertise to the North Shore, opening Rejuvenate Hair Loss Recovery Laser Therapy Clinic at the Cummings Center in Beverly. 

"It is true that hair loss will not kill you, and has no detrimental effect on your physical health (hence why insurance companies will not cover treatment)," she said. "However, the negative effects on ones mental disposition are equally as traumatic, especially because it affects your day to day life and the people around you."

So what's the secret?

Mazzaglia uses a multi-therapeutic approach of laser therapy combined with innovative hair loss products.

Treatments are approximately 30 minutes, and clients typically come in twice per week. Because it's a cold laser treatment, clients can sit up, read or listen to music during the process. 

"I faithfully attended my sessions twice a week and right around the 3 month mark, the shedding began to subside. Needless to say I was absolutely thrilled with the results," she explained. "I am living proof of hair loss recovery with laser therapy and I am so excited to help others stop loss and regrow healthier hair."

While Mazzaglia said clients can be any age over 18, the sooner hair loss is treated, the better the results will be. 

For Mazzaglia, it's her own experiences that have helped shape her passion for hair loss. 

"So many people suffer in silence because they are ashamed or have been given a negative outlook by doctors. My hair loss experience put me in a very dark place feeling hopeless and depressed. Rejuvenate Hair Loss Recovery Laser Therapy Clinic is my attempt to reach out to people such as myself and make them understand that there is hope!"

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